Suppliers of AC/DC Power supplies, DC/DC Converters and VRLA batteries.
To all MSA Electrotech Ltd (T/A Protocol Power Products) customers.
Please be advised that after a long and successful career in the PSU distribution business, Mike Hutton has decided it is time to slow down, relax, retire and pass the baton on.
With Mike's agreement, blessing and with immediate effect , RL Power Ltd. will welcome any enquiries that are, or were going to be directed toward them. We have arranged with Mike to wherever possible, supply the same units from the same manufacturers so the changeover should be as seamless as possible.
RL Power Ltd. supply a broad range of power products from many manufacturers and would welcome any power product related enquiries you may have.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions during the transition, our team look forward to looking after you as well as Protocol Power always have done over their many years of trading.
Featured Products
12V, 4.5A, 54W - AC/DC DIN Rail Mount Slim Power Supply
12V, 12Ah - VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
9V 15W Regulated isolated PCB through hole DC/DC converter
240W, AC/DC DIN-Rail Power Supply
12V,10Ah - AGM VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
12V 1W Unregulated isolated PCB through hole DC/DC converter
3.3V 2W Unregulated isolated PCB through hole DC/DC converter
24V 2W Unregulated isolated PCB through hole DC/DC converter
24V, 3.2A, 76.8W - AC/DC Single Output Industrial DIN Rail Mount Power Supply
1 Output, 65W - AC/DC Power Supply
RL Power - Yuan Dean Scientific
RL Power - ENG Electric
RL Power - Haze Battery
RL Power - Integrated Power Designs
RL Power - Motien Technology
RL Power - SinPro Electronics
RL Power - Mean Well
RL Power - Mornsun
RL Power Ltd.
Whitebridge Way, Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 8JS
Technical Sales: +44-(0)1785-503110
Accounts: +44-(0)1785-503120
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