Suppliers of AC/DC Power supplies, DC/DC Converters and VRLA batteries.
Integrated Power Designs
Integrated Power Designs (IPD) is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and is a US Power Supply manufacturer of AC-DC & DC-DC supplies ranging from 25-400 watts. Since being founding in April of 1985, they have been committed to on time delivery of quality product while minimizing our environmental impact. Reduced environmental impact is achieved by constantly improving power supply efficiency. They now design products with 90% peak efficiency and these compact solutions are ideal for ITE, audio/video, communications, and medical applications.

Product platforms featuring 1-4 outputs allow for maximum flexibility. Outputs can be configured as positive, negative, or isolated. Additional output features include overpower protection, over-voltage protection, power fail warning, and remote sense on output #1. Power supplies can be shipped open frame, with a chassis, or fully enclosed with a chassis and cover with a variety of input/output connectors.
RL Power Ltd.
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